Recognizing the great gifts of God! Ephesians 3

I ran across a lesser known hymn the other day that ends with a verse that reminds us of the end of Ephesians 3 where Paul is encouraging us to know the depth and height of God’s love. It’s called “Forgive Us, Lord, for Shallow Thankfulness.” It reminds us that there is much to God’s love, often more than we realize or recognize around us in our daily life. The entire hymn makes a very nice prayer that helps us notice what we’ve been missing.

The tune can be found here.
Here are the words from Lutheran Service Book #788:

1 Forgive us, Lord, for shallow thankfulness,
For dull content with warmth and sheltered care,
For songs of praise for food and harvest press,
While of Your richer gifts we’re unaware:

2 Teach us to thank You, Lord, for love and grace,
For life and vision, for a purpose clear,
For Christ Your Son, and for each human face
That shows Your message ever new and near.

3 Forgive us, Lord, for selfish thanks and praise,
For words that speak at variance with deeds;
Forgive our thanks for walking pleasant ways
Unmindful of a broken brother’s needs:

4 Teach us, O Lord, true thankfulness divine,
That gives as Christ gave, never counting cost,
That knows no barrier of “yours” and “mine,”
Assured that only what’s withheld is lost.

5 Forgive us, Lord, for feast that knows not fast,
For joy in things that meanwhile starve the soul,
For walls and wars that hide Your mercies vast
And blur our vision of the Kingdom goal:

6 Open our eyes to see Your love’s intent,
To know with minds and hearts its depth and height;
May thankfulness be days in service spent,
Reflection of Christ’s life and love and light.


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One Response to Recognizing the great gifts of God! Ephesians 3

  1. katbunker says:

    Love that hymn!! Thank you !!

    Sent from my iPad

    Jesus’ peace to you, Kat Bunker God gets the glory ‘cuz He gave the gift. Let Him use your fingers! Kat’s art & photos at


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