Authenticity Matters

Happy Easter! The Season continues! Easter is not a one-day event that comes and goes. It’s an entire season of the Church year where we pay attention to the Risen Lord and see in the Gospels how he publicly gave testimony to the fact of his resurrection.

People doubted. People messed up. People are human. That is one of the primary reasons we can trust the Gospel record. People did not try to cover over their mistakes in the Gospel writing. Instead we see real humans making real mistakes and behaving in real ways. Peter denied Jesus to save himself. Thomas wouldn’t believe until he saw and touched. Real humans did real things, and they were really recorded in writing. If the Gospels would show people doing UN-human things like always being faithful and always believing and always being right then you’d have to wonder what kind of people these were. But, the Gospels show men and women who are just like us. I find that these authentic expressions, like what we read in John 20, help me to trust the Gospel writings. I find these authentic expressions to be encouraging to me during those times when I find it hard to believe, or when my fears take over.

Jesus reinstated Peter and showed Thomas what He needed to see. Jesus still forgives and shows himself through His trusted Word to us today. Remember what He says! It’s TRUE!

Dear Jesus, Thank you for your faithful Word. Amen.

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