The Right side of the boat!

Jesus knows more than I do. Jesus knows more than I do. Jesus knows more than I do. I need to remind myself this occasionally. Jesus knows more than I do.

John tells one of the greatest fishing stories of all time, and it reminds me that Jesus knows more than I do. Read it in John 21:1-14. The experienced and seasoned fishermen went fishing. They’ve done this hundreds of times in their lives. They’re the kinds of guys who know so much about fishing because it was their career. They would know the places to find fish in any and every type of weather. They would know the best times of day to fish. They would know the smell of the air and how that translated into a great catch. They staked their lives on being able to catch fish to provide for their families. These guys knew how to fish. They knew everything about it; but Jesus knew more.

They came back with ZERO fish. Nothing. Nada. They caught as many fish as I usually come back with when I cast a line in some body of water. Zip. Experience and knowledge didn’t even help. They caught nothing after being out to sea all night long; but Jesus knew more.

“Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.” Jesus said. The catch was so great they could barely haul it in. John notes with specificity that they caught 153 fish that night. I’m guessing it was a record for them. They caught ZERO; but Jesus knew more.

In my life there are probably regular opportunities to gain wisdom from Jesus that I miss out on because I’m fishing on my own, by my own knowledge, with my own strength, and in my own way. I need this reminder every day because it is something that could be incredibly helpful for me in any number of areas of life: Jesus knows more than I do!

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